Committee on General Structures (AFF10)
Subcommittee on Accelerated Bridge Construction (AFF10-3)

Approximately one-fourth of the Nation's 600,000 bridges require rehabilitation, repair, or total replacement. The construction-related work used to address these needs can create significant impacts to the surrounding area including mobility, safety, and other social-economic related impacts. Throughout the U.S., owner agencies are realizing that the results of using ABC strategies not only helps to address onsite related constraints, but can also improve how a bridge program is delivered when used in a more routine, programmatic manner.

Purpose and Need:  The purpose of the Subcommittee is to support activities that address the need to deliver bridge construction and rehabilitation projects in a safe, efficient, and effective manner such that the impacts to the site and surrounding area is minimized, and the quality of the final project demonstrates the same, or an improvement, to current practices. 
Scope: The TRB Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) Subcommittee supports research, technology transfer, and implementation, and deployment activities to advance ABC technologies related to policy, planning, procurement, design, materials, construction and contracting. The objective of the subcommittee is to expand the knowledge and expertise to foster the implementation of ABC related technologies.