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 1Rapid demolition methods for ABC projects 


-Fast demolition in high traffic region will speed up  construction

2. Workforce fatigue on ABC projects using PBES: safety and project quality


-Can this be combined with No. 7?

-I think this is an important aspect of ABC that needs to be given consideration in the planning and procurement of projects - particularly on a programmatic basis.

-Should this be expanded to include night-time work or round the clock work.  I guess that this is probably already included in the idea.

 3. Contractor's means and methods on ABC projects using PBES: a side by side comparison - (Synthesis)

-This could help provide insight to actual cost and time elements of PBES

-This subject can help designers develop specifications that are consistent with the current installation practice of PBES on bridge projects.

-Maybe make into more of a synthesis topic?