2015 TRB Subcommittee Meeting:
 Meeting Materials:
  TRB NCHRP ABC Update: Presentation Link 
    Waseem Dekelbab/NAS
  TRB SHRP2 R04 update: Presentation Link
    Finn Hubbard/AASHTO
  Turner-Fairbanks Highway Research Center Update: Presentation Link, Paper Link
    Dr. Benjamin Graybeal/TFHRC
  University Transportation Center for ABC update: Presentation Link
    Dr. Atorod Azizinamini
  Special Topic Presentation: ABC Connection Research in Washington State Presentation Link
    Bijan Khaleghi, WSDOT State Bridge Engineer

Paper Session No. 498:

15-1571: Full-Scale Implementation and Testing of Full-Depth Precast Bridge Deck Panels Presentation Link
          David Mark Mante, Auburn University
Hassan H. Abbas, Auburn University 
              Ed Ramey, Auburn University 
              Robert W. Barnes, Auburn University

A bridge deck panel system utilizing non-prestressed full-depth precast concrete bridge deck panels with continuous shear pockets is investigated.

15-4797: Systematic Development, Implementation, and Deployment of Pre-Fabricated Bridge                            Elements and Systems Presentation Link, Video 1Video 2


        William L. Oliva, Wisconsin Department of Transportation

This presentation illustrates Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s (WisDOT) approach and experience in the development of policy, standards, details, and provisions for Precast Piers as a sub-set of Prefabricated Bridge Elements and Systems (PBES).

15-1004: Experimental Evaluation of Prefabricated Deck Panel Connections Presentation Link
achary B. Haber, Professional Services Industries
Benjamin A. Graybeal, Federal Highway Administration

Seventy two precast deck panel connection tests were carried out at the FHWA Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center to understand deck-level connections under realistic performance demands. A number of parameters considered include the shear key shape, reinforcement type, joint material type, and precast surface preparation.  The assemblies were tested in four-point bending and subjected to cyclic crack loading, fatigue loading, and monotonic loading until failure to assess of the connection performance as they relate to durability, serviceability, and ultimate strength.

 Workshop No. 124:
The Subcommittee for ABC (AFF10-3) hosted a workshop specific to prefabricated bridge element technologies for Accelerated Bridge Construction (PBE/ABC).  Learn about the Owner’s perspective on four of the SHRP2 R04 rapid renewal projects.  In addition, a discussion of prefabricated substructures used on the Tappan Zee project is also provided.


 TRB Co-sponsors:
  AFF10 - Committee on General Structures
  AFF20 - Committee on Steel Structures
  AFF30 - Committee on Concrete Structures
  AFH40 - Committee on Construction
of Bridges and Structures

SHRP2 R04 Rapid Renewal Update: Presentation Link

Finn Hubbard, SHRP2 Consultant/Sr. Vice President, Fish & Associates

Eight ABC/PBES bridge projects are currently underway as part of the SHRP2 implementation program.  Hear about the range of options being deployed and the lessons learned.


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet - Route 6 over Stewarts Creek Presentation Link, Video Link 

Kevin Sandefur, Transportation Engineering Branch Manager, KYTC, Frankfort, KY

This three week rapid renewal project includes the use of prefabricated piles, end bents, and modular beam deck units which are hot dip galvanized.


California Department of Transportation - Ft. Goff Creek Bridge Presentation Link

Dorie Mellon, Associate Bridge Engineer/ABC Team Chair, Caltrans, Sacramento, CA
The remote location and environmentally sensitive features of this site are addressed through the use of a precast, prestressed voided concrete slab superstructure supported on precast, post tensioned abutments with precast wingwalls and prefabricated bridge rail.


Maine Department of Transportation - Kittery Overpass Bridge Presentation Link

Leanne Timberlake, Design-Build Project Manager, Maine DOT, Augusta, ME

The construction contract utilized incentive/disincentive bidding to minimize on-site durations and traffic impacts.  The project includes the Northeast Extreme Tee Deck Beams (NEXT beams) and precast concrete approach slabs.


Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division, FHWA - Seney NWR Bridge Replacement

 Presentation 1, Presentation 2  

Phillip Boinske, Bridge Design Team Leader, FHWA Eastern Federal Lands Division

Hratch Pakhchanian, Bridge Engineering Branch Lead, FHWA Eastern Federal Lands Division

The continuous box beam bridge in northern Michigan will make use of precast pile foundations with precast piers and precast abutment caps. Hear how this and other prefabricated bridge projects from Federal Lands, including the upcoming Arlington Memorial Bridge replacement project, are deployed nationally by adopting features of the SHRP2 R04 toolkit.


The Tappan Zee Bridge and prefabrication PDF Link

Michael LaViolette, Principal Project Mgr./Deputy Design Mgr. HDR Inc.

Hear how this $3.9 Billion mega project makes use of large scale prefabrication as a means to stack multiple construction activities in order to expedite overall construction time.