2016 TRB Subcommittee Meeting:
 Meeting Materials:
  TRB NCHRP ABC update
    Waseem Dekelbab/NAS

  TRB SHRP2 R04 update
    Finn Hubbard/AASHTO

  Turner-Fairbanks Highway Research Center update, Presentation Link 
    Dr. Benjamin Graybeal/TFHRC

  University Transportation Center for ABC update
    Dr. Atorod Azizinamini

 National ABC Research and Project Exchange dBases, Presentation Link, Project dBase 
    Dr. David Garber/ABC-UTC

Paper Session No. 759:

16-2042: Performance Evaluation of Longitudinal UHPC Closure Pour Connection for use in Modular Bridge Construction, Presentation Link
          Yaohua Jimmy Deng, Iowa State University                                                                                                     Brent Phares, Iowa State University 
Andrew Putz, Iowa State University
              Curtis Carter, Iowa State University
              Michael Nop, Iowa State                                                                                            

16-6305: Estimation of the Total Cost of Bridge Construction for use in Accelerated Bridge Construction Selection Decisions Presentation Link

          Jianmin Jia, Florida International University

              Mohamed Ibrahim, Florida International University

              Mohammed A. Hadi, Florida International University    
Yan Xiao, Florida International University 
              Wallied Orabi, Florida International University 
              Ali Mostafavi, Florida International University 


16-1004: Computational Framework for Predicting Accelerated Bridge Construction Technology - Specific Costs and Benefits Presentation Link
         Abdul Wahed Mohammed, Western Michigan University                                                                                Upul Bandara Attanayake, Western Michigan University      
Corey Earl Rogers, Michigan Department of Transportation
            Haluk M. Aktan, Western Michigan University           

16-0004: Overview of the ABC Project and Research Databases Presentation Link, Project dBase Link
          David Garber
, Florida International University          

Workshop No. 121:
    Ultra-High Performance Concrete for Precast Bridge Components
The Subcommittee for Concrete Structures AFF30 hosted a half-day workshop specific Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) for precast bridge elements.   See presentations on some of the current research, resources,  insights and implementation examples from researchers and agency owner’s who are experienced with the
practical application of this material.


TRB Co-sponsors:

  AFF10     -   Committee on General Structures
  AFF10(3) -   Subcommittee on ABC
  AFH40     -   Committee on Construction
of Bridges &

Introduction to UHPC

  Presentation Link

  Dr. Benjamin A. Graybeal, P.E.; Ph.D., Federal Highway Administration


FHWA UHPC Connection Research

  Dr. Benjamin A. Graybeal, P.E., Ph.D., Federal Highway Administration 


FIU Center for ABC UHPC Connection Research

  Presentation Link

 Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, P.E., Ph.D., Florida International University


Iowa Experience with UHPC Connections

  Presentation Link

  Ahmad Abu-Hawash, P.E. Iowa Department of Transportation


New York State Experience with UHPC

  Presentation Link

  Mathew C. Royce, P.E. New York State Department of Transportation

Specifications for UHPC Connections Projects

  Presentation Link

  Dr. Benjamin A. Graybeal, P.E., Ph.D., Federal Highway Administration