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    Waseem Dekelbab/NAS

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    Finn Hubbard/AASHTO

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Workshop No. 123:
    Latest Accelerated Bridge Construction Innovations from Research
The half-day ABC workshop provides a forum for the research teams that are supported through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Accelerated Bridge Construction University Transportation Center (ABC-UTC) to disseminate their latest findings on innovative rearch projects to address resources, decision making, design, and engineering for ABC.

TRB Co-sponsors:

  AFF10     -   Committee on General Structures
  AFF00(2) -   Joint Subcommittee on ABC
  AFH40     -   Committee on Construction of Bridges & Structures
  AFF50     -   Committee on Seismic Design & Performance 
of Bridges

Estimating Total Cost of Accelerated Bridge Construction

  Mohammed Hadi, Florida International University


ABC Project and Research Databases

  Presentation Link

 David Garber, Florida International University


Closure Joint Alternatives for ABC Projects

  Presentation Link

  Dr. Atorod Azizinamini, P.E., Ph.D., Florida International University


Integral Abutment Details for ABC Projects

  Presentation Link

  Brent Phares,  P.E., Ph.D., Iowa State University

Prefabricated Railing Systems for ABC Projects 

  Presentation Link, Video

  Sri Sritharan, P.E., Ph.D, Iowa State University 

Seismic Performance Studies of Precast Bridge Connections to Components to Bridge Systems Presentation Link, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3, Video 4, Video 5
  Mehdi Saiidi, P.E., Ph.D, University of Nevada, Reno

  Ahmad Itani, University of Nevada, Reno

  Sh Elmira, University of Nevada, Reno

  Wheeler Musnicki, University of Nevada, Reno